Introduce myself

My full name is Lucky Nurachman Natawiria. My nickname is Lucky, but sometimes my nick name is Uki. I'm a man who was born on February 8. I'm also youngest son in my family. My name sounds like English word, doesn't it? Ya, it is true because my parents want me to  be lucky man whom be liked and loved by everyone.

I passed from TK Bukit Dago (1996-1997), SDN Coblong I Bandung (1997-2003) SMPN 35 Bandung (2003-2006), then SMA PGII I Bandung (2006-2009). 

My favourite food is all foods but I can't stand all foods which are forbidden by my religion (such as: pork, dog, cat, bat, snail, snake, etc). Sometimes, I don't like fish and chicken's claw. In addition, my favourite drink is all drinks but also I don't like drink that are also forbidden by my religion, for example beer, sake, etc. About my favourite color, I like black, blue, green, and whatever color that is darkest color. It looks like so manly. LoL

My interest is browsing internet, online (chatting), reading Indonesian novel, writing, and watching television.

To talk about my dream of life is English teacher, touristguide,radio announcer, writer or translator at Indonesia Embassy in abroad.

I don't have girlfriend but I need girlfriend whom has type:
1. Moslem
3.Smarter than me
4. Accepted myself

My life motto is "I have to be better man"


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